by joseph t

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A little less than cohesive, Artifacts is a collection of memories, poems, and emotions.


released March 1, 2016

joseph tennant - vocals, banjo, guitar, ukulele, bass, keys, glockenspiel, percussion, harmonica, recorder, broken mandolin, mixing

thanks to my friends and family for the support
a special thank you to wrayne for the amazing guitar; love you man



all rights reserved


joseph t Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Abraham
aw shit you are gone
it seems it's been too long
all my thoughts begin to fall
beneath the starless sky
you're not the only one
pick at the bleeding scab

and i know that you are not there
and i know that you can hear me sing

i lost sight a mile away
you continued not to care
no hug goodbye
this is too much to bear
i wrote you a letter
but it came back unaddressed
Track Name: The Past and the Present
the golden leaves
fall to the ground
the sun still rises
over i hill
i can't breathe

the past
the present
Track Name: Sometimes
sometimes i don't know who you are
sometimes i don't understand your name
sometimes you don't seem to care
sometimes i feel like i'm drifting on in life
Track Name: Freddy
freddy is my friend and he's not quite the same
he used to laugh and play all the games
now all he feels is sympathy

now we are back where we were before
stranded in dust and lost on the floor
he doesn't see me an i can't react

where am i supposed to go from here
when do i get to disappear
i love you freddy but you seem so far
Track Name: KNOW
and you know
and it grows
let it glow
i don't know
Track Name: [friend]
white bird on a flagpole dismissing my tears watching as my blood cools
head to the place where i grew up now i feel just a little lost
never fully understood your game i say i love you don't turn away

i think we can sing a song or two listen to the wind blow listen
we are young and have got too much to do where should i go
Track Name: Flower
the rocks and the trees
the flowers and the bees
and i just drift away
i've got nothing left to say
it's G-d's call
what happens to us all
and time runs it's course
springs dry up
nothing can remain
you alone are sane
Track Name: Cigarettes
washed my hair in wet cement
burnt my tongue on a cigarette
music makes my body shake
your words make my heart break
everything i thought i loved
was burnt in the house fire
i never really understood
tragedy as much as i should
wiped my mouth with a serviette
i asked if we were done here yet
Track Name: People
every time i shuffle through the door
i can't comprehend why you ignore
simple conversation and rapport
i don't know what you are asking for
before i speak you begin to snore
what the hell
my words i dispel
you sneer like an aged bell
oh well
Track Name: Sara
she sings to let the world know she's alive
she laughs to hide the pain hidden deep inside
she runs to let here body catch up with her mind
she draws to let her heart run free
she dreams to let her mind out of its cage
Track Name: MINDNUMB
what does it mean to be alive
cause after all i'm dead inside
my body aches inside out
i have nothing left to sing


the truth is that i'd hate to lose
Track Name: My Name
my name is chris i'm 5'4" i'll hide your keys by the door so when you want to go you can't
and when you're wrong i'll nod along because I don't want to make another enemy like i always do
this food looks great pass me a plate i don't know how to take the hint that you don't want a breathe mint
and when you're gone i'll laugh along to all the footage i took while you were here